Monday, February 22, 2016

A Letter to Letter

Dear Letter,
I miss you. I really miss you. I know we are to be blamed for your disappearance. But I miss you.
I used to wait in my hostel to get the blue inland letter from someone, from anyone. You had come once or twice sneakily inside text books from the boys school too. Yes, I am smiling as I am "typing" the words. I got my share of pink and blue flowery versions of you in my teen years like everyone else too!

Then came the electronic mail version of you. No more checking the letter box. I started checking the "mail box". For that I had to go to an Internet CafĂ©. I found it so difficult initially. Also if the other person did not have an email id, your this new version, was of no use at all. Then how and when I don't remember, I got hooked onto an instant version of you. Yes, not exactly email or letter version. But this was called "Chat". I think staying away from my people and my comfort zone, I was looking for some kind of solace in the virtual world. I could "handle" 10-12 chat windows at a time without missing or mixing the topics of the conversation. Was that something to be proud of? Nah I don't think so. In fact I never took that instant version of you very seriously.

Then one day I met P. Long sessions of your instant version and your proper email version followed till we got hitched. Then that got lost too. Now I get that electronic version of you about a 100 a day (sometimes more) but with an added adjective " official".

But I must say, you have an admirer of your's in P. He sent me few hand written, the actual versions of you, dear letter, during his trips; once from Rajasthan and from Nainital. Boy wasn't I glad.

Just a request : don't disappear completely letter. Hang on. There are old fools like me, so in love with you. I mean your older hand written version.

Much Love


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  1. :)
    I can relate to your love for a letter. Miss it too.

  2. I miss the snail mail era too - however I did revisit it last year. A blogging group I am part of, organised a snail mail challenge, in which we wrote physical letters to each other, and the recipients were picked by random draw. It was so much fun! (I have a post - titled snail mail challenge- if you want to check it out. :) )

    1. Wow..That sounds so cool. Please do share the link . I would love to check that..Thank you