Sunday, July 28, 2013

The Phone and I

Tring  - Tring , the phone rang...I woke up with a startle. Blinking for few seconds I tried to realise what was going on. First I thought I was hallucinating. After all I was forced to open my eyes right in the middle of my afternoon siesta. Not just any siesta but my hard earned Sunday afternoon siesta ; a luxury for us office going people.

Irritated I picked it up and spat " Yeah".
From the other end a female voice asked " Mangal hai kya?" ( Is Mangal there?)
"Who Mangal? Wrong number." I disconnected.

Tring - Tring , the phone rang again after 15 - 20 minutes. 

"Hello" I didnt even bother opening my eyes.
" Mira road se bol rahe hai na." ( You are speaking from Mira Road, right?) the same voice.
" Ji nahin Aunty, main Mira Road se nahin, apni muh se bol rahi hoon. Aap please number check kijiye dial karne se pehle." ( No Aunty, I am speaking from my mouth not Mira Road. Please check the number before dialing.)
 Few moments of stunned silence before the call was disconnected.

And I went back to my sleep before the Sunday afternoon turned to evening and night and then the " Khooni Monday morning".

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