Saturday, August 5, 2017

Monsoon Potluck

“Part of the secret of success in life is to eat what you like and let the food fight it out inside.” 
― Mark Twain

Meeting friends for a potluck during monsoon or Bihu or any special occasion has become a ritual since last few years now. This year was no exception; but this year we decided to get surprised items but surely "not desi"  but try to keep it as Asian as possible. 
Of course we decided on who was getting starters or main course or dessert. The result and the spread was simply super. 
Bonding over good food with varied conversation with good company make all the difference. 
Here are the photos of what we ate..

Starters : 

We had Devilled Eggs with a Mayo and Tuna twist.
Noodles with stir fried vegetables and chicken in orange juice.
Grilled Chicken with Kaffir Lime
Garlic and Orange Mint prawns with Avocado and Wasabi Guacamole.

My plate of Starters

Main Course :

Main Course
Chicken Rendang
Nasi Lemak
Malaysian Sambal
Roasted peanuts, salads and boiled egg.

Dessert :

No bake cake with Icecream and Mascarpone Cheese
Coconut Macaroons


Every dish was simply delectable and the love that had gone behind preparing and presenting shone through each one. 

One Confession : Both the starters; Grilled chicken and Prawn with Guacamole were prepared by my better in kitchen half. I just ate.