Wednesday, May 28, 2014

Raw Mango Juice / Aam Panna

This year the heat is getting unbearable. I think I say that every year! But this summer Mumbai is turning to a furnace. In my endeavor of avoiding bottled juices and any kind of aerated drinks, I had to stick to Nimbu paani. Other juices like water melon,mausambi etc need time prepare. Lazy me , peeling, cutting, swicthing on the juicer every time I want to have a glass of Water Melon juice seem too much. I would prefer something which can be stored for atleast 4 - 5 days. So oneday I decided to try Aam Panna or raw mango juice. This one is one of my favourite summer drinks too.
I checked with one of my colleague how she makes Aam Panna at home. She shared the recipe of her mother. I tried the same. Trust me it is easy to prepare and tastes super.
Here's the recipe :
One kilo Raw Mango - I got 2 big sized Mangoes weighing a kilo.
2 Cups of Sugar or same amount of jaggery.
One table spoon of salt.
50 gm black pepper
20 gm cumin seeds
Few mint leaves.
Wash the mangoes thoroughly. Put them in the pressure cooker and cook till 2 whistles. Let them cool.
Dry roast the cumin seeds and black pepper for 3-5 mins.Crush them in a mortar using the pestle or you can give a quick whirl in the mixer too.
Now back to the cooled and boiled mangoes. Scrape the mango pulp completely. Mix the sugar or jaggery and salt into this and mix well with a spoon.
Put this mixture into the blender, pour a cup of water, put the mint leaves and whirl into a smooth paste. Mix the spice mixture of cumin seeds and black pepper in this and give another quick whirl making it even a finer paste. Taadaa..your aam panna is ready.
Dissolve 3-4 tea spoon of aam panna with into a glass of water and enjoy the cool drink completely chilled.
The Chilled Glass of Aam Panna
Alternatively , if there is anyone in the family with sugar and jaggery restrictions, dont add either. Later while preparing one glass, a tea spoon of sugar can be added into the water always.


  1. Aah it's my favourite summer drink too. If you smoke the mango a little the flavour gives a different twist!

    1. Hey thats a nice twist..I will surely try it next time i make. Smoke before boiling isn't it??

    2. After I think. Before boiling if you do then it wont seepm another trick is to burn the skin a bit on the it gives a burnt raw taste. That's the traditional way to make it :)