Thursday, November 6, 2014

Amla / Amlokhi ( Indian Gooseberry ) Chutney

Since childhood I love Amla or Amlokhi as we call it in Assamese. In Dibrugarh in front of our home there were 2 Amlokhi trees and I, my sister and all our neighbourhood friends would relish those Amlokhis with a pinch of salt. The other fascination was to drink water after having one Amlokhi. The water would taste sweet!

Ma would make Amlokhi Achar / Amla Pickle both sweet and sour and the spicy tangy ones. She would also make dried Amlokhi by cutting them into pieces in order to store them longer and to use them as digestives.
I am not very good at pickles. I did try once to make pickles with Amlokhi. They turned out really well to my surprise. Few days back  I came upon this recipe of Amlokhi Chutney. It was simple, quick and easy. I had to try this out.


3 Amlokhis or Amlas - Indian Goose berries
One handful Coriander leaves
2 green chillies ( I put 1 red and 1 green chilli)
Few Garlic cloves
A small piece of Ginger.
Salt to taste

The Chutney:

Boil the Amlokhis. Once they cool down, remove the seeds. Now put chopped coriander, Amla pieces, chillies, ganrlic cloves and the piece of ginger in the grinder and grind to a smooth chutney. Add salt as per your taste.

I am told, few use raw Amlokhis  too. But I preferred to boil. If used raw, the tanginess will be more.

This is one super easy and very healthy chutney. Since Amlokhis are boiled, can be stored in an airtight bowl like Tupperware for at least 3/4 days. I served that tonight with steamed rice and Assamese fish curry. P loved that. :)


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