Sunday, May 3, 2015

Thank you My Better Half

Dear Better Half,

You must be wondering why am I writing a letter! I mean we are no longer in a long distance relationship. We Are Married. We don't have to wait till you read my mail and reply and vice versa. We don't have to plan the timings of "getting online" to talk; rather chat. Ahh those were the days. I sure miss them at times. It is also not that we don't talk at all now. We do; we talk about everything under the sky. I still tell you whatever stupid things I want to tell you and you still listen. I continue being the talkative one and you the listener. 

But now that you are away for few days on work, I have realised that even though I talk and talk, I have never said so many things. And that's why this letter. I thought I will tell whatever I missed telling you; to the whole world. I mean why hide, there is nothing secret about them. 

I realised I have never thanked you. Ok don't get ideas; I am not thanking you for making me a part of your life or blah blah. Please. I want to thank you for what you are; for being the man and always ready to #Sharetheload  . 

It so happens that otherwise vocal me goes into the silent mode if the topic of maids and their tantrums crop up between friends or colleagues. I don't have anything to say. For past 3 years our household is without a maid. Now that's something in our so hectic lives in the city that never sleeps. Do we miss that..nah no. I thank you for always there to #Sharetheload . 

Our friends love our house parties. For this I have to thank you again. You being the better cook, always take lead in the kitchen and cook up a storm while I manage only simple stuffs. But yeah I don't mind cleaning after happy guests leave. You don't mind that I don't get the time to dust and sweep everyday but only on weekends or holidays. A little dust over the furniture or a little dirt on the floor is ok as long as the minds of the people inside the house remain clean. Thank you for making me realise that. 

I have heard stories of women washing piles of dirty clothes every day. I don't relate to those stories either ; because you never let me wash your heavy jeans or jackets. You wash them yourself and at times if you find anything of mine lying to be washed; you wash that too! Yeah but I have to tell you; I don't like the way you put the clothes to dry. You put one over the other on the clothes wire. That's why I always insist on putting the wet clothes on the clothes wire myself and even after you do that; I go and check. I know you know that I do that. 

I don't know what others may think of you about helping me in all the household chores; but I know and you also firmly believe that this never make a man any lesser. Gone are the days when it was believed that kitchen is only a woman's domain or cleaning dusting sweeping washing are only a woman's duty. I strongly believe that a real man is the one who does not hesitate to show the world that he cares and shares too. Thank you for being that man for me.

Much Love,


“I am writing for the #ShareTheLoad activity at in association with Ariel.”


  1. Some lessons for me too though i already sharetheload :)

    Good luck with contest.

  2. Sweet post Mayuri....
    It's nice to see him do the work and share the load with you!!
    That's sweet.

  3. Thanks dear..yeah he sure does...:)

  4. Thanks dear..yeah he sure does...:)