Thursday, October 15, 2015

At the launch of Dabur Vatika Jasmine Coconut Hair Oil - IndiBlogger event.

Go Green - Says so many of them these days and they also mean so many things. Like going vegetarian, going environment friendly, being responsible etc etc. Green is the colour for such good things in life then how come Green is also the colour of the vice called " Jealousy"? You see that " Green eyed monster" " Green with jealousy" sort of stuffs. But trust IndiBlogger when they invite you to a meet and ask to "Go Green" that this would be something different / total "Hat Ke". And with they told us to come memorizing the lyrics of the Cult classic by Pink Floyd "Another Brick in the wall (Part 2)". So all set then, Saturday 10 Oct from 11.30 am at Ville parle .We i.e. women bloggers from Mumbai, are Going Green while Dabur Vatika launches their " Vatika Jasmine Non-Sticky Coconut Hair Oil".
I reached the venue just on time. Searching for familiar faces among the beautiful women there, I met Tina Acharya. It was her first IndiBlogger meet. We started talking and by the end of the event, we  already made plans to meet at #BNLF again! There was Natasha whom I knew already. We had met in one of the IndiBlogger meets about a year back and then stayed in touch. IndiBlogger meets are always the best place to meet fellow bloggers, make new friends, share ideas and so much to learn. I was attending one after missing out on quite a few. Wasn't I glad that I could make it. 

the lovely ladies

As the event started and the IndiBand took the stage. We sang along " Another Brick in the wall" . After so many years Pink Floyd..whoa; I so loved that.

Then came the officials from Dabur India who shared an over view of the product. This Coconut oil along with the fragrance of Jasmine and nourishment of coconut oil enriched with vitamin to help lock hair moisture. Thus this oil aims at giving you manageable and less frizzy hair.

 I believe we all women have this little connection with Coconut hair oil in some way or the other. Our mothers and grand mothers all advised us to apply Coconut oil for betterment of hair. I must have followed that till my teens. Then that rebellious bug bit me and I had to do things the way I like; not how others ( read Parents & Grand Parents) told me to. So along with many things, applying Coconut oil ritual was also lost somewhere. I solely cannot blame the R bug here. My laziness is to be blamed too. Staying in hostels with no one to check on my hair care routine, I lost that habit. Then I grew up and along came the stress part. In professional front, personal front, social too. I have naturally straight hair. But my hair tends to get frizzy and when I comb I would lose so much hair. Hence most of the time I keep my hair tied. I apply coconut oil a night before shampoo. The day I shampoo my hair, it remains bouncy for sometime but as the day ends, I have knots in my hair. I DONOT want to apply oil after I wash my hair. Please..! who wants to look chipkoo to work or to go out! Solution - tie my hair when it gets dry even after wash.

Dabur vatika jasmine coconut oil

Yesterday after I washed my hair, I just applied a little bit of the Dabur Vatika Jasmine Coconut oil, just to see if that works. The oil was not sticky at all which is very unlike most coconut oils. I liked the fragrance and even though my hair looked little oily, it wasn't entirely chipkoo looking. I had less frizz and very less knots at the end of the day. I am game for this one.

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