Sunday, August 14, 2016

A night in Delhi in 2050

14 AUG'16

Time - around 9.30pm on 16th December 2050. They came out from the cinema hall and walked towards the bus stop. 

It's a cold winter evening in Delhi. There are vehicles on road. They waited for the bus to come. He asked " How did you like the movie?" She said " It was nice but a bit too long". 
He : " Are we meeting tomorrow?"
She :"  I have my physiotherapy practical sessions tomorrow. I will be very busy. Why don't you come home in the weekend?"
He : " That sounds like a plan. I will come on weekend."

There came a bus. Though it didn't look like a regular city bus, they got into the bus as the boy inside the bus said that they were going to take the same route they needed to go. There were no passenger in the bus except for them. The bus started to move. They looked out through the tinted glass of the bus. It started to get foggy outside. They could not make out much.

The bus moved. There was music inside the bus. It didn't stop anywhere else. Nor did it pick up anyone else. 

Time - around 11pm on 16th December 2050. Mrs. Singh heard the front door open. Nirbhaya, her daughter, was home.  She went back to sleep. 

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  1. Awesome one. you should win the contest,i have submitted my post also.

    1. Thanks so much...Win or no but that's my vision of India in near future.