Sunday, September 3, 2017

A train ride to remember

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"It is the same train going back. So no pantry. Better we get something packed" - We were taking the overnight train from Khajuraho to Hazrat Nizamuddin , Delhi. This train comes from Delhi as U P Sampark Kranti and reaches Khajuraho in the morning 6.30 am. The same train goes back in the evening 6.20 pm. P and I got chicken sandwiches and some tetra packs of juices for dinner.

We had the side lower berth and one upper berth. From Khajuraho there were not many people. The train started right on time. This train stops at Mahoba in Uttar Pradesh and from there it gets connected to a bigger train and then continues the journey to Nizamuddin. While coming we knew what to expect in this train. Everyone around had opened tiffins of Puri and Aloo ki sabji with aromatic achars for dinner. We had taken the train after having an early dinner at the ever reliable Comesum at Hazrat Nizamuddin station. So we were not hungry. But somethings are done because they form a part of the whole experience.

As the train pulled into Mahoba, I told P to go find some "Indian" dinner. He came back with the "oh so typical" Rail Janta ahar from the canteen. All for Rs. 15, 7 small puris , one katori aloo ki sabji and a packet of Nilon's achar.  The compartment was full in Mahoba. As the train pulled out slowly everyone started opening their dinner boxes. They all were carrying the same thing. This time we also had that. It may not have tasted the same as those home cooked dinners, but it was the experience of having that spicy aloo sabji with the puris with everyone else was fun.
Our train journey was complete. After that we ate the cold sandwich and drank the juice too. We were happy.

It had been a while that P and I travelled by train. This trip to Khajuraho made it possible. Even though we have not travelled in one for a long time, both of us firmly believe that to experience real India, Indian Railway is the best. One train carries a whole world within. For us this time it was just an overnight journey. We still have fond memories of longer journeys of 2 -3 days where the co passengers become your family. Everyone shares not only the space for those days, but also their food and loads of stories. Until then we are content with this one.

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  1. Reminded of so many train travels, I made as a kid. Now, I don't even remember, when did I traveled by train last time.Nice post. I could smell the aloo ki sabji here.

    1. Thanks so much :) Indian Railways indeed carry a world within each train