Tuesday, December 18, 2007

I saw the sun rising over the Ganges

The Ganges – a river synonymous with India and Indians ! A river associated with so many stories , legends and myths. A river which a part of India’s conscience .

Heard from friends that the evening “ Arti” in Varanashi is a sight to behold and remember. No, I have never been to Varanashi. But this time on my way back from Bangalore , I had to spend one night in Kolkata. The place where I stayed , my friend’s place is right on the other side of the road by the river. When I finally reached her home it was already 8.30pm. She told me that I would get to see the river in the morning from the balcony.

Worrying about missing my flight back home, I got up early. I woke up and from the bed, through the mosquito net the whole sky getting ready to welcome the sun. I came to the balcony. There she was the Great Ganges – calm and quiet. The sun was like a bright orange against the grey sky.

It has been how long since I had actually seen the sun rise ? – I wondered . During weekdays from the moment I get up till the time I sleep, my mind is always occupied with many other things . Weekends – by the time I get up , the sun is already halfway through the West. After God only knows when , I saw the Sun coming out in the morning. It was awesome. I really am not sure when will I get to see this again!

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