Saturday, December 1, 2007

Quick visit to City Of Joy

Kolkata...the city still fascinates me. I realised that all over again in my last quick visit to the City Of Joy. May be because I love Sarat Chandra's novels, Satyajit Ray's films, Bengali Food...may be just may be! And of course those mishti Bengali buddies I have.
Kolkata, with all those tall modern buildings and fly overs is amongst the most modern cities of India. Still those old city buses and the narrow lanes of remind one of the old city charm Kolkata had / still has. This time I stayed at Uttarpara, Hooghly district. I was scared while going to my friend Ruchira's place. Soooooo far, I kept on saying. Boss, who very generously gave both me and Ruchira a lift by his car, reassured me that I wont miss my flight back next day. There's a new Highway opened and I would be at the airport in 20 minutes. 20 minutes..I still had my doubts. But looking at Ruchira's glowing face ( we were meeting after years ) I decided to " buy" a ticket if I miss my flight. Boss also stayed thatway, 15 more minutes from Ruchira's place. But I let go off all those thoughts of " missed flights" once boss stopped the car near a " Poochkawala". We requested for extra spicy poochkas. Those were yummy. The old buildings at the place reminded me of the Ray movies and ofcourse Sarat Chandra novels. So much so that I commented " May be Ray's Charulata is looking through her window right now at us gulping poochkas". My boss and Ruchira both were laughing at my imagination.!!
From Ruchira's place the view of the Ganges was awesome. One can feel the majestic river even at dark. In the morning while coming to the airport we crossed Dakhineshwar. I just saw the building from the bridge. I wished I could spend one day and visit that place. But noway it was possible. I had to leave and I left promising myself and Ruchira that I will be back soon, and thattime I will go for morning walk by the river, visit Dakhineshwar and have some more poochkas.

And yes, Boss was right. It took me only 25 minutes to reach the airport from Ruchira's place.

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